The Quartier de la santé de Montréal offers a life sciences research and business development environment that promotes innovation, synergy with industry and optimal dissemination of health knowledge. It is helping make downtown Montréal a multicultural, multilingual and university scene of great stature.


 To develop a center for convergence of expertise, services and technology platforms with the private and public research sectors.

 To promote synergy between companies, the Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal and its partners.

 To enhance existing expertise and ensure its transfer to industry.

 To attract world-class companies through the development of research activities with the aim of increasing critical mass.

 To attract world-class researchers through collaborative projects with industry.


In the heart of the downtown area and at the crossroads of the Latin Quarter, the central business district, the Cité Internationale and Old Montréal, the Quartier de la santé is recognized as a favored urban destination for health industries and public health institutions. It stands out for the quality and the friendly nature of its urban development, making it a special place to work.