The CHUM is the University of Montreal’s hospital center. Its primary role is to provide highly specialized health care services to an adult clientele at the regional level and beyond. With all its activities centered around patients, the CHUM works closely with them and their loved ones. It provides top-quality care and plays a key role in improving the health and well-being of Quebecers. The new CHUM will welcome more than half a million patients a year from the Greater Montréal area and elsewhere in Québec starting in the spring of 2016.

The CHUM’s values reflect its ambition to offer top-quality health care and an optimal experience to patients and their loved ones. Respect for the dignity and autonomy of patients humanizes their relationships with health care professionals. Accordingly, the CHUM recognizes patients’ right to privacy.

The CHUM provides health care and services that meet the highest standards and that contribute to patients’ health and well-being. Treatment is attuned to leading-edge knowledge, resources, research, and technology.

Innovative and exemplary in its approach, the CHUM stands out as a unique focal point of knowledge development and transfer. With the volume and complexity of cases treated, it is unmatched as a place for learning advanced procedures.

Each year the CHUM hosts more than 5 000 interns and students. Its location in downtown Montréal makes it a destination of choice for students who wish to be near the services available in urban centers.

With its large community of doctors, health professionals, students, and interns, as well as its thousands of patients, the new CHUM will be the heart and lungs of the Quartier de la santé de Montréal.