In the eastern part of downtown Montreal, a new district is taking shape around the Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM) and its Research Centre CRCHUM both of which are currently in the construction phase. Montreal will soon be home to a first-class, ultra-modern university hospital. The Quartier de la santé will be a hub of knowledge, research, innovation, and health care and as such will become a major crossroads for health-related organizations and companies interested in advances in life sciences.

Since June 2013, the projects and the QSM website are the responsibility of  Technoparc Montréal.

One district, one vision, ONE project

The Multifunctional Health Center will integrate

  • The Campus de santé publique de Montréal  involving the École de santé publique of the Université de Montréal, the Direction de la santé publique de Montréal, and the Montreal staff of the Institut national de santé publique du Québec. It will house a critical mass of more than 500 public health experts, unparalleled elsewhere in North America and Europe.
  • Le Pavillon de la génomique clinique et des bio-industries comprising the clinical genomics platform of Génome Québec, as well as companies seeking to develop projects in proximity to the CHUM, the CRCHUM and partners.
  • The Maison de la santéseeks to house under a single roof not-for-profit organizations devoted to complete the offer of services to the CHUM customers and those of the network.
  • Local services for use by citizens of the Quartier de la santé and its environment, including Old Montreal.

All of these projects will foster exceptional synergies. QSM will become a dynamic, creative centre in the health field and a central locus for Montreal’s promising, future-oriented scientific, economic and urban development.

The Health District is a powerful development lever for the eastern part of the downtown area. As a key district in Montreal’s urban redesign, it is the missing link that will draw together its most frequented districts.

The QSM is NORTH of Old-Montréal
The QSM is NORTH of the Viger Station revitalization project.
The QSM is WEST of
Radio-Canada real estate project.
The QSM is EAST of the
 Palais des congrès and its expansion project.